The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over Resurfaced Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Chili’s “Baby Back Ribs” Jingle

Chilis commerical

Let’s spin it back a few decades.

The year is 1998, you’re watching TV on a Saturday night with a few buddies, it goes to a commercial and next thing you know, you hear “I want my baby-back-baby-back-baby-back… CHILI’S BABY BACK RIBS.”

Ya know, this one:

Next thing you know you and your buddies simultaneously stand up, no questions asked, grab the keys and high-tail it straight to your local Chili’s, where you waited an hour and a half for a table for some slightly above average half-racks.

If you grew up in the ’90s or before, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The catchiest jingle on the face of this planet, back when Chili’s was one of the happiest sit-down restaurant chains in America.

Now it just feels like depression with the faint smell of cigarettes stinging the nostrils from the old smoking section…

Or at least the Anderson, South Carolina Chili’s does.

Unfortunately, the jingle was retired back in 2006, but resurfaced for a brief time in 2009, and 2017 as the chain celebrated their 40th anniversary.

Of course, it’s borderline obsolete now.

However, the internet has resurfaced the behind-the-scenes video of the OG’s, the band “Take 6,” recording the song in the studio back in the day, and people are going bonkers of the nostalgia the catchy jingle is bringing back.

Needless to say, Twitter ran wild with this one:


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock