Parts Of Yellowstone National Park May Be Closed For Months Due To Devastating Flood Levels

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On Monday, we learned of the devastation insanely high flood levels has caused at Yellowstone National Park.

The flood levels have washed away bridges, roads, and even cabins, caused mud and rock slides, and forced park officials to evacuate 10,000 visitors, resulting in the park closing all of its entrances.

With that being said, The Weather Channel has reported that all entrances are going to stay closed until “at least next weekend at the earliest.”

But it’s very likely that parts of the park, especially the northern loop will be closed for months:

“Though crews haven’t yet been able to fully assess the damage, it looks like the northern half of the park was damaged more significantly than the southern part. Park leadership said that the northern loop of the park might not reopen this season, citing extensive repairs.

The park’s northern loop has iconic landmarks like Tower Falls, Mammoth Hot Springs, and Lamar Valley. They say that parts of the park do reopen this season, will likely be managed by a limited reservation based system.

Many residents and visitors in the area became trapped because of flood waters creating impassable conditions on roads and bridges. Some visitors were airlifted out and some had to use one road that reportedly now is at least partially open.

Authorities warn than driving a still route is dangerous. No deaths or injuries have been reported as a result of the flooding.”

A tough situation, considering the flood of visitors (no pun intended) the park sees throughout the summertime.

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