Farmer Goes Viral Sharing Her Concerns On Rising Prices: “It’s Not Gonna F*cking Be Okay”

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A drastic rise in inflation over the past couple of years has hurt our pockets in one way or another, as it has spiked 8.6%.

Most of the country is paying $5.00 plus a gallon in gas prices, prices in general are soaring through the roof, it’s incredibly difficult to buy a home, and practically every American is feeling the weight.

Another issue we’ve been facing as of recent, is the ongoing meat shortage, baby formula shortages, and more. In grocery stores across America, shelves and freezers are looking more and more vacant.

Of course, people have put the blame on COVID-19 slowing down production over the past couple of years, as well as the war in Russian, supply chain issues, Joe Biden, politics, etc… but all that matters to the average person is the money in their pocket and the food on their table.

Also, a number of people have been quick to blame farmers as well for the lack of meat supply. However, this farmer, who goes by the TikTok name of @joymccoybukowski, shared her experience about the difficulties farmers are facing due to the insane rise of inflation.

She kicked things off in the TikTok about a conversation she had with a woman that day, who genuinely believed that inflation is at its worst, and can only get better from here.

That’s when she went in-depth about the issues she has been facing as a farmer warning that it will continue to go up:

“I told her that there’s things we have to buy. There’s some things we have to buy that two years ago cost us $24, last year was about 46, and this year it’s costing us $96.

Okay? Local farmer, 50 head of cattle, it’s costing him $8,000 a month to feed them. Please understand, food prices are going to go up.

You want to act like it’s the farmer’s fault, it’s not the farmer’s fault. We’re barely making it, to grow the stuff, so you guys are able to get it in August, September, October.

Okay, guys? This is not going away. Stop sticking your head in the sand and thinking ‘Oh it’s gonna be okay,’ It’s not gonna f*cking be okay.”

The video really puts things in perspective on the weight farmers across the nation are currently feeling.

So long story short? Don’t blame the farmers, they’re busting their asses.

Oh, and when you think all farmers are millionaires… check out this video from my man Cole the Cornstar over in Iowa.

It costs A LOT to farm…

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