Buck Skull Found With Broadhead Sticking Straight Into The Eye Socket

Ouch… right in the eye.

Just about every animal in the wild is far more tough than we would ever care to believe.

I mean, hell we’ve all seen it here before.

Like the Illinois whitetail buck that was walking around sporting a massive open wound, or the deer with an arrow stuck through its neck. Even any wildlife brawl shows how resilient they all can be.

Predators, hunters, climate, scare food, traffic… these animals can withstand a lot of hardship.

That doesn’t mean we want to see it though, especially when it’s at the cause of a hunter making an unethical shot just because they’re excited.

Staying calm and making good shots is important. Hunting is one of those things that you have to stop yourself, calm down and make it as clean as possible for the sake of everyone involved.

It also means A LOT of practice.

This shows that even when you think you get a good shot, it might result in a wounded animal that you never find and then the animal has to live on impaired as long as it can.

This video shows a man holding up a buck skull he found in the woods with something coming out of it beside the eye. As he rotates it around and you see inside the eye socket it shows it’s a broadhead arrow stuck right in there.

That’s a cool find, but it gets better…

Upon farther inspection you’ll notice that the bone around the arrow actually grew, meaning it survived for a good while following this poor shot.

This really shows the importance of hitting the kill zone, especially when using any bow. No one wants to see a buck running around with one blind eye because an arrow missed. Let’s always try to make ethical shots.

This skull is one to put on the shelf though, that’s a great talking piece on any night.

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