Nothing Like A Good Old Fashioned Poolside Dad Fight To Demonstrate Peak Male Performance

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We’ve seen organized fights, we’ve seen stadium fights, and we’ve also seen street fights, but there not be a fight more entertaining on this planet than the good ol’ fashioned dad fight.

Ya know just waning testosterone and a few “back in my days,” fueled by a surplus of alcohol in the system with the thought of having to mow the lawn in the back of your mind.

So let’s break down this interesting fight to the death between these two dads.

Now, it appears these dads are highly intoxicated for this throw down (shocker), considering dude on the right is walking in zig zags and slurred:

“You came after me mudderfucker!”

Judging by the looks of these guys, dude on the right definitely looks like that guy who likes to talk for hours on end about how much money he has, with the guy on the left looking like he’s seen some backwoods shit before in his life.

And the one thing they have in common? They’re swinging around beer bellies that show off the years of alcohol consumption.

Silver hair eats a few rights from green trunks, and even pins the other guy to the ground, but it’s easy to see they ain’t as good as they once were, as they’re already gassed about 20 seconds into the video and start rolling around.

Not to mention, the entire video looks like it’s happening in slow motion… I mean, you’d think they were fighting in the pool, not on the side of it. Ducking punches that aren’t even being thrown, toppling over in those top-heavy dad bods… just peak male performance right here.

Perhaps the funniest part of the whole fight, is a skinny guy about half their size breaks it up. I mean, combined they have like 350 pounds on the guy, but kudos to him, he got the job done.

10/10 content right here.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock