70-Year-Old Woman Was Killed By An Elephant… And Then It Showed Up At Her Funeral And Trampled Her Body Again

An elephant with tusks

This might be the wildest story of a revenge tour for absolutely zero purpose I’ve ever heard.

According to The New York Post, a 70-year-old woman was trampled and killed by an elephant in eastern India…

Only for the elephant to return and trample her corpse at her funeral.

The wild story comes out of Odisha state, where Maya Murmu was drawing water from a well when the elephant came storming in and trampled her. The elephant reportedly escaped from the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary which is nearly 124 miles away.

The elephant was long way from home…

After Murmu was trampled, she was rushed to a hospital where she eventually died from her injuries.

However, it gets even worse.

According to local reports, the elephant returned, this time at Murmu’s funeral, taking hold of the body and flinging it around before stomping on her again.

All the family could do was proceed to funeral rituals once the rampaging elephant had left.

I mean, I knew elephants can be dangerous, but this is whole different kind of evil.

Someone needs to take this maniac down…

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