Texas House Cat Fends Off Coyote On Front Porch And Lives To Tell The Tale

That’s a bit of a mismatched fight…

House cats are very small compared to most predators out there, including coyotes.

The sad truth is they make easy pickins for predators. It’s pretty typical for a predator to realize pets are an easy target and to hang out around towns for their meals.

House cats, as cool as they are to watch hunting with natural instincts, they also lack a lot of the defense instincts due to domestication.

It’s also a known fact that house cats are the hardest on small birds out of any other animal or activity that happens in North America. They are single-handedly responsible for the deaths of millions of birds each year. And as much as we hate to see our pets get hurt, there’s always something higher on the food chain and these cats have it coming.

This cat however, had enough fight for two cats and it served him well.

A security camera captured a late-night brawl on the front porch of a Surfside Beach, Texas, home.

The video shows a coyote going full attack mode towards a cat, the cat has good defense and bats at the dog without showing any fear. The coyote continues to try to attack as the cat keeps facing it and swiping every time it attempts to come close.

This cat has been in a brawl or two I would say… it knows one wound can do him in and that offense is a great defensive strategy.

The cat jumps and hisses at the coyote as much as it comes for the cat. The cat smartly uses the porch chair as a shield and tries to stay under it and scare the coyote away.

Every time the coyote attacks it gets a taste of the cat’s fight. At one point the cat jumps to the railing to get away and the coyote gets a good nip on its butt. The cat didn’t like that to much and jumps directly onto the dog scaring it yet again.

The cat bats at him a few more times and decided enough was enough. The cat was never going to win but only survive. It gets a minor second of freedom and runs straight up a post on the deck staying far out the coyotes reach.

The coyote calls it quits and runs off the porch.

What a battle… I never thought a house cat would stand a chance.


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