Watching This Massive Buck Shed His Antlers Makes Me Love Deer Even More

Deer are just a great creature.

Beautiful, smart and (of course) tasty. It’s hard not to chase these animals every free second of your time.

After long days chasing these things, spending time in the woods and making memories, they hold a special place in your life. It’s hard to think something else about an animal you spend so much time chasing can make you love it more than you already do.

In come this video. It’s simple and to the point but its just amazing. There is something incredibly satisfying about it.

Every year bucks shed their antlers when the rut ends. The testosterone levels drop in their body’s making the tissue weaker at the antlers. The healthier the deer, the longer they hold their antlers for.

Shed hunting is a great pastime enjoyed by many hunters and outdoorsman. Sometimes it’s used to figure out there are larger bucks around that you haven’t seen, for good fun or discovering where deer are moving at certain times.

As much as a lot of people search for antlers, it’s extremely rare to ever see any animals that sheds them drop one. It’s just one of those things you don’t see.

Bring in the trail cameras.

This one set up in the woods shows a nice buck coming into view. The buck is soaked from water and starts to shake its body in attempt to warm up a bit. The buck gives his a little a quick little shake and the antlers that seem so perfectly attached come flying off all at once. The buck takes off running straight.

It probably scared him, it happened so fast.

Talk about a nice treat when you go to check the trail camera. A matching set of sheds and the video showing it happened. That is a dream of many hunters right there.

That’s just spectacular, the bone just detached in an instant. Nature is pretty neat.

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