Uber Driver Surprised By Passengers With Free Ticket To See Garth Brooks

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Katie Watson

Slippin’ on down to the Oasis thanks to some new friends.

Vicky Wallace, an Uber driver in Birmingham, was shuttling around passengers ahead of last weekend’s Garth Brooks concert at Protective Stadium when she picked up Katie Watson and her husband.

The couple were headed to the show, and as they got to talking with their Uber driver, they realized that she’s a big Garth Brooks fan.

Well Watson had a friend who was supposed to go with them to the show, but when the friend came down with COVID and wasn’t able to go, they were suddenly left with an extra ticket.

So they offered it to their Uber driver.

According to Wallace, she was pulling up to the stadium with her passengers when they suddenly asked her to join them for the show:

“Literally on this block over here, a block away, Katie turns and she says it like this, she goes ‘So if you want to park I have an extra ticket. My friend had COVID and she couldn’t come.'”

Wallace was worried about what she would wear, but she quickly decided that the opportunity was one she couldn’t pass up:

“At first, I really was like I look terrible. I had a t-shirt and some sweatpants.

Listen, this is Garth Brooks. I’m going. Things like this don’t happen everyday.”

Yeah, I’m sure Garth wouldn’t mind.

The show was the first ever at the new Protective Stadium in downtown Birmingham, and Garth even said that they recorded the whole thing for a future live album.

And when that live album comes out, you’ll probably hear Ms. Vicky and her new friends singing louder than anybody.

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