Morgan Wade’s Acoustic Performance Of “The Night” Straight From The Ryman Stage Cuts Deep

This one cuts even deeper acoustically…

I loved Morgan Wade’s song “The Night” from the first time I heard it, but there’s just somethin’ about hearing it stripped back to the bare bones with just her gritty voice and an acoustic guitar that gets deep down in your soul.

It was actually released as a single back in 2019 after Morgan had gotten sober and made the decision to fully commit to being a musician, and she’s been sober for five years now. The fan-favorite song later found a home on the 2022 deluxe edition of her debut studio album, Reckless.

She’s been very open about her struggles with overcoming alcoholism and her mental health issues, especially with the stigma around both growing up in the South, which she details in this extremely introspective and personal track:

“By summer’s end I predict that I’ll have finally lost my mind
The doctor said that these new pills
They might help me this time…”

My mind likes to talk about everything I am not
And even worse everything I am.”

And live from the the Ryman stage? It doesn’t get any better:

The studio version:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock