This 19-Year-Old Solving 3 Rubik’s Cubes In 4 Minutes, While Juggling, Is An Absolute Freak Of Nature

Man with Rubik's Cube

I’m fully convinced that solving a Rubik’s cube involves a certain kind of patience that I was not blessed with.

Seriously, I’ll play around with one for about 20 minutes, until the frustration sets in and I have to restrain myself from throwing it across the room. When I was a kid, I’d just peel off the stickers, and then go show my parents that I finished it… they knew I was full of shit.

Needless to say, I’ve got a lot of respect for those individuals that can solve the cube in cool, calm, and collected fashion.

However, this one 19-year-old has me absolutely baffled with his unworldly Rubik’s cube skills.

Let me introduce you to Angel Alvarado, a Colombian teen that just shattered his own record as the fastest person to ever solve three Rubik’s cubes at once.

Yes, not one. But THREE… in only 4 minutes and 31 seconds.

And if ya wanna really feel bad about your mental capacity and coordination, he solved it by juggling the three cubes at once. Absolute insanity.

He previously broke the record last year, completing the feat in four minutes, 52.43 seconds, but ya know, he had to the up the ante a bit.

He told Guinness World Records that he practiced for five months to learn how to solve one cube while juggling, and four more to learn to solve three.

And he did it all for his home country:

“It would mean a lot to me since it would be the first both juggling and speed-cubing world record of Colombia, and would be cool to be the first person to achieve that.”

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