Man Shoots Charging Grizzly Point Blank To Protect His Dog

Oh, lawd…

Talk about the scare of a lifetime and it’s all on video.

I’m not sure if there is anything more frightening than a charging grizzly bear. Anyone who has ever had a grizzly charge them knows it’s the most terrifying experience imaginable, even if you’re well prepared for it.

It’s not hard to explain why. They are one the most vicious predators to roam our lands. They will eat just about anything and it’s not like they kill you and eat you, they just maul you, bite by bite, while you’re still alive.

I mean, you’ve seen The Revenant, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I love grizzlies, but these beasts are absolutely beautiful and incredibly frightening at the same time. And being an incredibly territorial animal, bad interactions are sometimes hard to avoid.

And when it comes to their cubs… forget about it. There is nothing more ferocious than a pissed off mama bear.

According to CBC News, Lawrence Michalchuk of B.C., Canada found that out the hard way. He had a grizzly bear sow with three cubs take claim to his front yard.

Michalchuk didn’t want to shoot the bear, but he did what he had to to protect him and his dog… which is also what the bear thought she was doing too.

“What are your choices? You leave a bear in the yard who thinks it owns your yard … and then your kids go out there?

By leaving them on the property, you’re playing Russian roulette, and I’m not doing that with my kids or my family.”

Michalchuk is seen in the video going out with a shotgun. He lets out a warning shot as the bear charges and then puts one into her leg chasing her to trip and roll over. The bear shakes its head as Michalchuk runs for the protection of his home.

Michalchuk who’s hunted his whole life can be heard breathing heavily. It just shows how scary these encounters are.

Michalchuk summed up the events to CBC.

“The last thing I remember is that she was coming at me with her mouth open.

I didn’t want to shoot her in the face so I clipped her in the right leg. Thank God when I shot, it did exactly what I hoped it would do. It tripped her.”

And if you’re worried about the bear… she was fine. He tracked the bear down later and she was probably a little sore, but in no danger from the shotgun blast.

Talk about a crazy encounter.

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