Fisherman Hooks 2 Bass On Single Bird Lure For Once In A Lifetime Catch

Where is this luck when I’m on the pond…

Maybe pick up a lotto ticket on the way home?

Using a bird lure is pretty friggin’ cool, and one would expect to catch pretty decent sized fish with something that big.

Lures like this usually have two sets of hooks and it’s not to catch two fish… they’re designed to increase the odds of catching one.

This fisherman having a day for the books, reeling in fish after fish on this bird lure. I’m not sure where this lake is located, but good Lord, the guy found himself a honey hole.

Then he hooks into a nice one, and as he gets excited reeling it in, the man realizes he has two fish on at once.

He pulls them up into his boat and shows the camera the two fish on one lure. One is pretty large and the other is an average sized largemouth.

The fisherman sums up what we are all thinking.

“That is the first time I’ve ever done that, this is insane!”

The fisherman continues on and catches many more fish, but no more double catches.

I think I need to try out some of these odd lures that I usually have doubts about.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock