Crazed Man Climbs Up To A Home Depot Ceiling And Gets Launched By Sprinklers

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Let’s start this story with a question…

Seriously though, if you’re lining up your Saturday and it involves a stop by Home Depot, does anything sound better than aimlessly wandering around with a beer in hand? I might spend the entire day there, then Uber home.

The baby’s first birthday? Change of plans everyone – meet us at Home Depot.

As you close the chapter on your degenerate 20’s, and enter your 30’s, you find yourself frequenting Home Depot A LOT. In fact you probably make up excuses to go there, I know I do. Aside from knowing more than most of the employees and telling them repeatedly that “you got this,” what’s the best part about going?

People watching. You never know who or what might stroll in…

That brings us to this gentleman who dipped his pinkie into the bath salts, or something brain-altering, as footage caught him scaling the lumber to make it all the way to the ceiling beams, setting off the sprinklers as people looked on, suspense building.

Solid upper body strength here, but I doubt this guy just watched Free Solo and wanted to get a workout in.

He manages to make it to the sprinklers, only to be LAUNCHED by them.

Don’t do drugs, kids.

(no word on the guy’s condition yet..)

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A beer bottle on a dock