Texas Pastor Grabs Quail Out Of Mid-Air With His Bare Hand

Gun? Who needs a gun?

Back in 2013, Matt Carter, who is currently the lead Pastor at Sagemont Church in Austin, Texas, was out hunting with current Arizona Cardinals backup (and former University of Texas) quarterback Colt McCoy when the most bizarre display of quail hunting you’ve ever seen occurred… and it was all caught on video.

According to NY Daily News, Carter was walking back to his truck when a low-flying quail began flying straight at him.

And rather than getting out of the way, or just letting it fly around him, he posted up and snagged that thing right out of the air.

“It was such a fluke thing. We were walking back to the trucks, and it just happened.”

At the time, numerous people called the video fake because… well, who catches a bird like that with their bare hand? But Pastor Matt insists that it happened.

Others also speculated that it was a slow-flying quail that was used to being penned.

“It’s actually real. Freak thing … but I caught it.”

Granted, this was quite a few years ago, but too bad he can’t catch footballs like that… Colt and Cardinals could always use a couple more wide receivers, right?

Cue “The Bird Hunters.”

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