Matthew McConaughey Brilliantly Dunks On Reporter When She Fishes For A Donald Trump Soundbite

Matthew McConaughey, Donald Trump are posing for a picture

You can’t trap Matthew McConaughey.

It was a good effort by Carrie Bickmore of Australia’s The Project back in October of 2020, but McConaughey’s thoughtful and polite response is what made headlines as level-headed and logical people loved the answer he gave.

It’s the same energy he took into his potential run for Texas governor, which he ultimately decided against (for now).

He’s asked straight up:

“How do you feel about Trump?”

But, instead of providing a quick response that could turn into a soundbite taken completely out of context, he explains I need a full form conversation to say what needs to be said.

Take a look…

That’s what you call “the nuts” in poker. Well played, indeed.

Here he is with Russell Brand discussing politics, and the Left.

We obviously post a ton of McConaughey stuff as it’s pretty clearly he’s one of the coolest mf’ers on the planet. He did a TON of press for his book, Greenlights, which also included a stop by Joe Rogan’s podcast.

This guy is captivating and seems like one of the coolest dudes on the planet to hammer garage beers with.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock