Idaho Man Builds Incredible UFO-Style Backyard Chicken Coop

There’s been a number of UFO sightings to surface over the past couple years, but this one is in a league of its own.

No, it’s not some kinda extraterrestrial being’s UFO, nor is it some Russian spy’s or anything like that…

Actually, it’s a chicken coop.

Posted by a couple on Backyard Chickens, this might be the most unique and innovative chicken coop design I’ve seen in a hot minute.

In fact, it was practically built completely with a 10 foot in diameter satellite dish off of Craigslist.

According to the site, the couple cut window holes for windows and screwed in 6″ acrylic surveillance camera covers from eBay.

They dropped the floor down and cut an eight foot circular floor, covered with counter-top laminate.

For insulation, they purchased 1″ styrofoam insulation and cut each piece to make them fit. They then framed out the door and built a hatch in the back, giving the chickens easy access to the hen boxes, food, and for easy cleaning for themselves.

They also waterproofed their creation by choosing using roofing material similar to tar paper.

They then painted the contraption with Aluminum paint, giving it the usual “UFO” style color, which also keeps the coop cool in the heat.

Lastly, they added some LED lights to give it that authentic UFO feeling.

Pretty damn impressive, I must say.

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A beer bottle on a dock