A 6’7″ 275-Pound Georgia Tech Pitcher Goes Viral For Having “BAMF” Sewn Onto Glove

A baseball player holding a baseball

In the baseball world, particularly the college baseball world, you have guys who think they are BAMFs, and guys who actually are BAMFs.

However, this Georgia Tech pitcher?

Absolute Bad As Mother Fucker.

Let me introduce you to Zach Maxwell, a 6-foot-7 275-pound unit of a sophomore pitcher, who pitched one hell of a game against the number one ranked Tennessee Volunteers in the Knoxville Regional.

He went six innings, gave up five hits, two runs, zero earned runs, five walks, and an impressive 11 strikeouts against arguably the best offensive team in college baseball.

That’s some guts.

However, that wasn’t the main headline from Maxwell tonight, as a number of fans pointed out the acronym of BAMF sown onto his glove.

I’ll say this, if Maxwell would’ve gone out and gotten absolutely shelled by the Vols, I’d 100% be laughing at him and calling him a scrub. Except, the dude pitched a helluva game, and he’s earned every right to call himself a BAMF in my book.

Unfortunately, his heroic efforts on the mound weren’t backed up by his relief pitching, as the Yellow Jackets’ bullpen gave up seven runs in a 9-6 loss, eliminating Tech from the series.

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