Luke Combs Shows Off Nice Largemouth Bass… “On The Other Line”

Luke Combs country music

When Luke Combs said in his song “Beer Never Broke My Heart:”

I’ve had a largemouth, bass bust my line…

He wasn’t lyin’.

Luke Combs likes to get out there and wet a line every now and again.

However, it looks like the man’s fishing luck has turned around here recently, as he took to social media to post a pic of himself showing off a sweet largemouth he caught while on a little fishing trip this weekend.

Now, this ain’t no “deep sea senorita fishin’ down in Panama” like he sang about in “When It Rains It Pours,” but this picture is a perfect example of how the proclaimed “man of the people” in country music lives out his lyrics.

In the Twitter caption, he alluded to his upcoming song, “On The Other Line,” which is set to be included on his upcoming album, Growin’ Up.

“Sorry honey, but I got to click over… I got a 6 pound largemouth on the other line.”

I think ol’ Nicole will give him a pass, considering he caught this nice Lunker.

“On The Other Line” – Due out June 24th:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock