Lion Goes Does Its Best Troy Polamalu, Makes Mid-Air Tackle On Fleeing Antelope

Let’s take it to a different continent here.

Lions are the predator of all predators and here’s one of the many reasons why…

Just an absolute beast of an animal with insane hunting abilities.

Large cats, that at the end of the day are just cats, and if you were ever wondering why Joe Exotic (FREE JOE) should not have had multiple large cats in his possession, here’s why… these things are VERY dangerous.

These animals eat anywhere from 10-15 pounds daily, which is clearly a lot of food. And naturally, a video or two has popped up showcasing the raw talent of lions while hunting their prey.

The video shows the lions standing at a hill top with antelopes coming at them. The first lion lunges and the antelope leaps into the air to escape. Without any hesitation what so ever the second lion jumps straight out into the air and grabs the Antelope mid-air… like Troy Polamalu jumping over the O-line.

It looks magical as the lion goes in for the kill… they land hard but you can tell the lion knows what it is doing and immediately sinks his teeth into the neck of the antelope before the antelope can regroup from the tackle and run away.

The first lion quickly comes over and helps finish of their dinner… a one-two punch.

Impressive to say the least…

Going full blown Troy Polamalu…

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A beer bottle on a dock