Guys Hypnotize a Rooster (Yes, It’s A Real Thing), Then Are Promptly Attacked

I figured we could change gears and talk about hypnotizing roosters, if ya’ll are up for it.

A couple of ‘ol boys wanted to show the world that a rooster/chicken could be hypnotized with a technique that involves drawing a line with the head of the animal close to the ground – there’s an entire Wikipedia page about this.

“A chicken can be hypnotized, or put into a trance, with its head down near the ground, by drawing a line along the ground with a stick or a finger, starting at the beak and extending straight outward in front of the chicken. If the chicken is hypnotized in this manner, it will continue to stare at the line, remaining immobile for as long as 30 minutes…Ethologists refer to this state as ‘tonic immobility’ i.e. a natural state of semi-paralysis that some animals enter when presented with a threat, which is probably a defensive mechanism intended to feign death, albeit rather poorly.”

And this technique goes way back as “an early reference of this phenomenon was described in 1646 in Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae by Athanasius Kircher.”

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See, you learned something today from the highly esteemed Wikipedia.

Now, onto the hypnosis. It’s legit, but in this instance, the fellas got a little more than they bargained for.

Roll the tape.

Here’s another chicken peacing out.

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