4-Year-Old Boy Survives For Two Days In The Harsh Montana Wilderness

Montana Kid
Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office

A young Bear Grylls in the making.

A 4-year-old boy has just been found after surviving two days in the Montana wilderness.

According to the New York Post, 4-year-old Ryker Webb was found after a two-day search to try and locate him in the dense forests of Northwest Montana.

Multiple agencies utilized ground crews, ATV teams, canine teams, drones, helicopters and a even boat unit to try and locate the kid, who went missing from his backyard near Troy, Montana. Interestingly enough, it was a neighbor who contacted police.

With temperatures in the low 40s, heavy rain, thick forest, poor visibility, oh, and not to mentions thunderstorms, it made the search extremely difficult. And to make matters worse, the initial description of what the youngster was wearing was also inaccurate.

How? Not really sure… you don’t know what your kid was wearing when he went missing?

Ultimately though, young Ryker was found in pretty good condition given the circumstances.

Found by the rescue crew about two and a half miles from where he went missing, he said he was simply “hungry, thirsty, and cold.”

I mean hell, this kid is tougher than half the wannabe “hikers” who go running out into the wilderness in their $350 matching athleisure outfit, snap a few pictures for the ‘Gram, and then call the police two hours later when their “lost,” even though they spent all of 10 minutes trying to figure out where they are.

And then they film a 20-clip Instagram story detailing their “traumatic” experience.

Young Ryker was taken to a hospital for evaluation, but according to local police, he was “healthy and in good spirits.”

Atta boy.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office released a statement confirming that they found the boy, and thanking those involved for their help:

“Thank you to the many agencies and persons who assisted in this search. Apologies to anyone we may have missed.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, David Thompson Search and Rescue, Bull Lake Volunteer Fire Department and Bull Lake Volunteer Ambulance, Flathead County SAR, Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, Spokane PD, Bonner County Sheriff’s Office, North Valley SAR, Two Bear Air, Montana Air National Guard, Libby Volunteer Fire Department, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and the large group of experienced outdoorsmen and families who responded from Sanders County.

Additionally, thanks to Malmstrom AFB, Fairchild AFB, and Spokane County Sheriff’s Office for attempting to respond with additional aircraft.

Thank you to the Halfway House, Stillwater Christian Church, Rosauers, and many others for the meals and support provided.”

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