Large Buck With CWD Gets Antlers Lodged Into The Ground When Bizarre Backflip Goes Wrong

Wildlife is crazy.

Sometimes it is a little sad to see these things when you know the animal is suffering, but it is crazy to see how these things affect them.

Chronic Wasting Disease or CWD is a disease members of the deer family can get that is running rampant through North America right now. It affects their neurological system making them make poor decisions and doing things they normally wouldn’t.

Typically, the disease results in death of the animal at some point in time.

This video showcases a buck that seems to be off a deer farm. Whenever a buck looks too small for is ungodly large antlers, that tends to be the case. The fact this was caught on video makes one assume that as well.

The video shows the back view of a large buck walking down a trail. All at once it takes a leap and seems to attempt and back flip. The buck is successful as I would be in trying that and ends up only making it about half way around land straight on its back.

As the buck lands it drives its antlers straight into the ground…


That will anchor him down, those things are big and there was power behind that jump. I wish it showed him trying to get back up because I imagine it being like a turtle flipped over kicking and kicking trying to find some traction.

Either way, this is not typical behavior of a deer, and a clear sign of CWD.

The owner of the video confirms it:

“A deer with the chronic wasting disease. Chronic wasting disease, aka Zombie Deer Disease is a fatal, neurological illness affects members of the deer family.

The most obvious sign of CWD is progressive weight loss. Numerous behavioral changes also have been reported, including decreased social interaction, loss of awareness, and loss of fear of humans.”

Tough scene…

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