Lake Tahoe Man (With Balls Of Steel) Stares Down Ginormous Bear Under His Porch

A couple of bears in a zoo exhibit


A Lake Tahoe man (with balls of steel) came face to face with a bear hiding underneath his deck.

Pissed off, grunting, exhaling heavily and even taking a few swipes towards the camera, this bear could strike at anytime, and I can’t see how that would go well for our camera man…

I literally thought he had the camera on a stick or a string or something at the beginning because there was no possible way a person would be filming this close to a corned bear.

“Our dogs found a bear under our deck. I decided to video scaring bear back to the meadow from where he came.”

But when the bear finally comes out, he leaves our homeowner with a hilarious partying gift…

A big ol’ “F you” deuce right before he walks out of the yard… CLASSIC.

But wait, there’s more.

The dude had what appears to be the SAME bear under his deck a second time, and once again, he flips on the camera and gets all up in the bear’s kitchen.

Sam grunting, same swatting…. the guy just LOVES rolling the dice with his life.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock