Massive Buck Runs Straight For Hunter After Kill Shot, Falls Down A Few Yards In Front Of Him

Well, that’s a new one…

That also makes for easy clean up as this muley buck landed pretty much right at his feet.

As all hunters know, an animal running, even after a really good shot, is pretty common. We all want to see it drop right in its tracks and be able to say “it didn’t go twenty…”

But, that just isn’t how it always works. Sometimes, the shot placement might not be perfect and you just graze the sweet spot… then you got some more hunting to do. You gotta go find your kill. I mean, the animal can run for yards upon yards…

Other instances much like this one, the animal actually does something the works in your favor.

This video shows a hunter making a nice shot on a beautiful mule deer. The deer takes off running as it gets closer you can really appreciate its beauty.

It keeps running straight at the hunters only to drop right in front of them, just a few yards away.

This guy is calmer than me. Even with the confidence of a good shot, with this big ol’ buck running at ya, I would have had to put another one into it. No chance in hell I’m letting this one get away.

Either way, a much shorter walk to the deer than they expected.

Great deer, great shot.


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