Idaho Road Rage Fight Ends In The Most Idaho Way Imaginable

A person kneeling on the ground next to a car

Just some good ol’ Idaho hospitality. We shared this video to the @WhiskeyRiff Instagram account back in August of 2020, but it was just too damn good not to revisit.

Typically cooler heads don’t prevail when it comes to road rage fights, but things hit different in Idaho.

Easily one of the best ways to waste time on the internet is by watching people beat the piss out of each other at a red light. It really is a national pastime, and mind-numbingly entertaining if you’re being honest with yourself.

Try it this weekend.

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The problem is, many times you have little to no context on what ignited the rage. Case in point, this clip from Idaho that shows a red-headed guy with a man bun pummeling another guy, repeatedly asking him if he’s “done.”

It’s hard to decipher what is said at the beginning, but it sounds like the guy delivering the beating says “you’re the f**kin’ thief (grunting) go back to Washington” or something like that.

The other guy looks scared completely shitless towards the end, doesn’t know what to do, and has the look on his face like damn, I picked the wrong one today (if I had to make a guess).

The best part comes at the very end…

Idaho was ranked #15 for nicest state recently, but this might get them into the Top 10.

THE HANDSHAKE. What gentlemen.

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