Two Grizzly Bears Go Toe To Toe In Good Old Fashioned Street Fight

Well, this is absolutely terrifying.

Imagine living in a part of the country where you’re just casually driving down the road, make a sharp turn, only to find two massive grizzly bears sitting there trying to assert their dominance, and then just drop the gloves right there in the street and start brawling.

That’s exactly what happened to this person who appears to be somewhere in the American West, as the sign on the road reads “End Avalanche Area.”

In the video, you can see the grizzlies get in each others’ faces and stand on their hind legs trying to size each other up. Finally, someone has to throw the first punch and it’s on.

It’s the way humans fight… you both start talking shit until someone makes the first move.

These two bears share some swift blows, with one tossing the other into the ditch like an MMA fighter. They continue to fight it out, until one gives up and decides he doesn’t want any more of that smoke, and then they both charge towards the direction of the person filming.

Not gonna lie, if these bears suddenly called it off and started charging towards me, I’d probably just hit the deck and get in the armadillo position and say a few quick prayers before I get sent into the afterlife.

However, it appears as though this dude may have been in the safety of his truck… at least, I hope so. He definitely pulls the camera back for a second as if he wasn’t too keen on sticking around.

According to the National Wildlife Federation, grizzlies typically growl, moan, grunt, and then fight during mating season, as they try to win over a mate, so this could be what we’re seeing here.

Just a couple guys being dudes… flexing when chicks are around.

Oh, and how about that coyote just watching from afar in the background? Wherever this is, the wildlife is PLENTIFUL.

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