Guitarist Delivers Jaw Dropping Double-Neck Slide Acoustic Cover Of “Take Me Home, Country Roads”

“Take Me Home, Country Roads” may be one of the most recognizable songs of all time, to anybody across any genre of music.

Seriously, I know people who think of country music as the work of the devil, and still love some good ol’ “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

And how can you not?

It’s a feel-gooder about the gorgeous scenery the countryside has to offer, and it’s easy on the ears.

John Denver dropped the song on his 1971 Poems, Prayers and Promises, and has quickly become a timeless classic, with tons of artists covering the hit.

With that being said, I’ve never seen a cover as unique as this one before, coming from Luca Stricagnoli, a world-renown acoustic guitarist from Italy.

In this video he recently dropped on YouTube, he plays “Take Me Home, Country Roads” strictly on his acoustic guitar, which has a slide guitar neck attached to it as well.

He doesn’t sing a single verse from the song, but he doesn’t need to, as the notes on the slide neck perfectly handle the vocal.

If you’ve ever at least fiddled with a guitar in the past, then you know just how incredibly difficult this is.


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