Zach Bryan Breaks Up Crowd Fight In The Most Polite Way Possible

Zach Bryan country music

We’ve seen country artists get pretty heated in the past once they notice fans fighting in the crowd.

However, not Zach Bryan.

At one of his recent shows, he noticed a few fans going at each other while playing “Traveling Man,” off his 2020 Quiet, Heavy Dreams EP.

He first stops and says:

“Hey, asshole!”

Right when you think he’s about to cuss the fighters out into oblivion, he corrects himself, and politely asks them to stop the fight, while telling them security won’t escort them out if they just calm down.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to call you an asshole… what’s going on? Stop the fight, whoever it is.

Security is not gonna take you out, let’s just stop the fight. Deal? We good? Don’t fight in the parking lot either, please?”

I’ll admit, country artists cussing fans out for fighting, and practically kicking them out of the show themselves makes some high quality entertainment, but seeing Bryan take a different stance is pretty damn refreshing.

I’ve seen artists themselves threaten to jump down there and start beating ass, especially when women get caught in the crossfire. I’ve seen artists encourage the crowd to take the guy outside and beat his ass. And, I’ve even seen artists go into the crowd themselves… but Zach is just a different kind of cat.

Just a man of the people…

Nothing but peace, love and good-ass music.


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