Massive Reindeer Cyclone Looks Like A Scene Out Of ‘Stranger Things’

Wildlife does some pretty amazing stuff.

It’s one of the reasons I spend my times in the backwoods. You may see something you will only see once in a lifetime, and even if you don’t, it’s hard to complain about a day spent in nature.

This is extraordinary though.

With a bird’s eye view, the whole event was captured from a drone.

Reindeer have adapted to hunting using this defense mechanism. They create a cyclone like situation where they run in a circle putting female and young Reindeer at the center. The constant movement makes it difficult for a hunter to single in on any specific reindeer during this formation.

This clip comes from Murmansk, Russia, and we have a group of people on snowmobiles trying to herd the reindeer for vaccinations. A veterinarian came to give them vaccinations (not for COVID) and the herd got spooked and went on the defensive.

It’s mesmerizing watching the herd circle continuously, and the viewpoint captures this insanely well.

That would not be the worst job in the world… let’s go herd some reindeer and watch this fascinating cyclone go down.

It’s pretty damn cool, but also has a eeriness to it… like some kind of demon-possessed, reindeer crop circle.

Like a scene out Stranger Things 4…

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