Chuck Liddell Says Cain Velasquez Should Be Out Of Jail After He Attempted To Kill Man Who Molested His Family Member

Chuck LIddell

Back in February, UFC Heavyweight Champ Cain Velasquez was arrested after he attempted to shoot and kill a man accused of molesting one of his young relatives.

The star fighter has since been locked up behind bars, although a number of his colleagues and other celebrities have been calling for his release.

With that being said, one fellow fighter is still in Velasquez’s corner after the incident, and it’s none other than Chuck Liddell.

He recently spoke with TMZ Sports, saying:

“It’s so funny how easy it is to get out… they’re letting all these crazy people out… But you have a problem with letting him out? I don’t know.”

He also admitted that if the allegations of the victim molesting Velasquez’s young relative are true, he doesn’t blame him at all.

He said:

“I get it. In that situation, I get it.”

Velasquez will continue to stay in jail until his next hearing on June 10th, with Liddell telling the famed fighter to “stay strong,” giving him this message:

“We’re here for you. We love you.”

Velasquez has been denied bond twice, facing a number of charges, including felony attempted murder.

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