Massachusetts Hunter Stumbles Upon Gruesome Aftermath Of Coyote Attack… Buck Is Somehow Still Alive

Deer coyote

Warning… this one is pretty graphic.

Nature is a cruel beast, it often reminds us of that.

It is beautiful, unexplainable… but cruel.

Predators, the most violent of animals in nature are simply amazing. They constantly hunt to survive, and the things they do and how effective they are in their hunting methods is the envy of any hunter. It’s truly remarkable.

This video shows the aftermath of a coyote attack on an amazing white-tailed buck. The man taking the video is shocked by the crime scene like event he is looking at.

“Oh my god, I can’t even explain to you what I’m walking up on right now

Take a look at this…”

The man flips the camera and a bloody massacre is revealed. Blood. Is. Everywhere.

The buck is still alive and as the man approaches it is looking at him. The man didn’t know exactly what had got him at first. As he approached, all the signs clearly showed a coyote attack with prints all around.

The amount of blood loss there is simply astonishing, as is the resilience of the deer. It’s just incredible how much there is and how much this buck lost while still being alive.

It is crazy how the coyotes have literally tried to eat him alive.

The man can tell the deer’s legs are broken so he called the local fish and game. A town police officer showed up and put the animal out of its misery.

“You don’t see something like this everyday”

If that ain’t the truth. Pretty rare to witness something that is so natural in the wild, yet almost unbelievable to see.

The man looks at the scene and the dead deer is there with coyote tracks all around. The coyotes will have their meal.

It is a healthy reminder of what goes on in the woods and gives an incredible urge to spend the deer off-season chasing after predators like these coyotes. Maybe it will help the odds for baggin’ a big buck next season (I need all the help I can get).

This is the scene I walked up on January 12th, while going on a short hike in a wildlife sanctuary. Coyotes are the only animal allowed to hunt here and they took advantage of the iced over swamp and trapped this buck out on it where he was vulnerable.

Here’s the video of the encounter:

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