Miranda Lambert’s “Only Prettier” Is The Most Perfectly Passive Aggressive Summer Anthem For Southern Belle’s Everywhere

Can it really almost be Memorial Day weekend already?

That time of the year where we dust off the grills, uncover the pools, and officially kickoff the start to a long and glorious few months of summer.

Or, if you live in the south like me, the time of the year where we breakout the bug spray, crank up the AC, and complain about how humid it is until October.

And while I personally prefer the mild fall temperatures that we usually get to enjoy for a solid two weeks, there’s just something about a perfect summer country song that I can’t help but love.

And there’s one I find myself going back to every year around this time…

Miranda Lambert’s sassy tune, “Only Prettier.”

It went viral on TikTok last year, and it never fails to put a little pep in my step, so to speak, when I need some motivation and want a little extra edge for any given reason. I find I like it best when I’m getting ready for some sort of event or concert and have a little something to sip on, but the optimal listening experience is up to listener discretion.

The track was included as the fourth single from Miranda’s 2009 album Revolution, and peaked at #12 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 2011.

Written by Miranda and her friend and frequent collaborator Natalie Hemby, the lyrics perfectly encapsulate the passive aggressive southern charm that is more of an art form than anything else, and a lot of the writing reminds me of all the good stuff on Kacey Musgraves’ 2015 masterpiece, Pageant Material.

Miranda says she was hooked by those brazen opening lines Natalie presented to her during their writing session, and I couldn’t agree more:

“Natalie Hemby and I wrote this song together, and she had this verse. She said, ‘I have this idea I want to play for you. ‘I’ve been saved by the grace of southern charm. I got a mouth like a sailor and you’re more like a Hallmark card.’

And right there she had me. Just the fact that she had the guts to say what we all wanted to say to those mean skinny girls in high school.”

Natalie added that the inspiration really came from the previous art of the aforementioned “backhanded compliment.” If anyone’s ever said “bless your heart” to you, beware… it can be used a multitude of ways and you should always consider the tone and context with which it was delivered:

“Don’t we all have that snippy side … ‘Bless your heart, you have such an ugly baby!’ I think it’s a Southern belle thing!

The song is kind of a smack in the face, but you don’t realize it. It’s like wait… did you just insult me?

What girl hasn’t been through that kind of situation where you have to get along with somebody you don’t like?”

I’d love to lie and say I have no idea what they’re talking about, but if if that were the case, I wouldn’t be writing this…

I think most of us see those yearly “hot girl summer” Instagram posts (referring to Megan Thee Stallions hit song) start to pop up on the feed around this time every year, so consider this the country, southern belle version of that tune.

I’m sure a lot of you already know and love it, but if that’s not the case, prepare to fall in love and have a new favorite song.

I mean, c’mon… does it get more passive aggressively southern than this? Momma always told me you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and if you don’t believe me, listen to Miranda:

“Everybody says you gotta know your enemies
Even if they only weigh a hundred pounds and stand five foot three
If you just smile and behave you can always get your way
It’s a universal plan that’ll get you where you can in all societies…”

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A beer bottle on a dock