Deer Gets Launched To The Moon After It’s Struck By A Prius On An Indiana Highway

It’s hard not to laugh at this one.

I mean, a person feels a little bad because an animal is getting hurt but…. how is it not funny seeing a deer fly that high, spinning that fast?

It probably had a quick death given how high it flew into the air, if the initial impact didn’t do the job I have a feeling the second impact did.

The video starts with a Prius is the passing lane on I-64 somewhere in Indiana. As it gets by, it pulls back into the lane ahead of the car filming via a dashcam.

You see a deer start to run across, a sight you never want to see on a highway.

My first thought was ‘that poor Prius, the deer is going to wreck it’.

But, maybe I was wrong.

As the deer decides to send it across it lets a quick burst out directly in front of the car. The deer goes absolutely flying while whipping in circles.

I guess the Prius was small enough to get right underneath the deer and launch it clear to the high heavens.

Here’s the story from the trucker who captured it with his dashcam:

“While driving along I-64 in my semi, I was passed by this little Prius. Then all of a sudden, a deer runs across the road and is nailed by the Prius. Don’t worry, the driver appeared ok as I passed.

But I’m sure their shorts needed changed. I had to crop the video a bit to zoom in on the action because the wide angle lens makes things appear further away than they are.”


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