Yellowstone Grizzly Steals Elk Kill From Pack Of Wolves… Gets Swarmed Trying To Defend It

Wolves Yellowstone national park

If you want nature in its purest form, Yellowstone is the place to go.

Wolves, bears, bison, elk… you can see all of it there, and more importantly, how they interact with each other.

Sometimes that means a bear taking down an elk, sometimes it’s a bear defending his kill from another bear, and sometimes it’s a bear defending his stolen elk carcass from wolves… or rather, an entire pack of wolves.

In this case, that exactly what we got:

“This was a incredible sight to witness as most bears should be in hibernation during this time. Grizzlies take over wolf kills 80% of the time in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Junction Butte Wolf Pack originally took down an elk. When they came back to the carcass they were surprised to find a grizzly bear had stolen it.

Eventually, the wolves moved on leaving the bear alone with their kill.

Now if only we could get the people in the video to pipe down…

Cue the Uncle Lucious.

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