Mountain Lion Gets Smoked By A Car, Launched Into The Air, Totals The Car, And Then Just Walks Away From The Scene

Colorado mountain lion

I’m telling you right now, alien life has landed and they look a lot like mountain lions.

On a highway in Boulder Canyon, Colorado, dash cam footage caught a high-speed collision between a car and what I can only assume is some type of superhuman, alien life form that has taken the form of your every day mountain lion.

Maybe even a robot mountain lion from another planet. I don’t know, but I do know, it’s not of this world.

The mountain lion comes darting across the highway, gets absolutely SMOKED by the car, does a quadruple full back flip that would make even Simone Biles jealous, doesn’t quit stick the landing, and then just gets up and runs back into the woods.

Like how? How is he not dead? You see the car at the end and that thing is wrecked to shit, so how on Earth is this mountain lion not vulture food?

Granted, he may have wandered off into the woods and died from internal injuries, in fact, some would call it likely. But the resiliency of animals is not to be ignored… surviving harsh weather conditions, constantly hunting for their next meal, trying to avoid other predators and even human hunters, these are some tough kitties.

However, I’m sticking to the alien robot theory… that’s literally the only explanation.

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