Wisconsin Couple Kill Black Bear After It Crashed Through Their Kitchen Window & Attacked Them

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Black bears tend to not be very aggressive, but for one Wisconsin family, it was quite the opposite.

According to NBC News, the attack happened around 11pm, near Medford, Wisconsin, when the bear came charging through their window, attacking them in the kitchen.

Apparently the bear was getting into their bird feeder so they opened the window to yell at it. Usually, that would be enough to make the bear run away, but not this bear. She turned and made a beeline for the window, crashing through and winding up in their kitchen.

The couple reached for kitchen knives and began stabbing the attacking bear, who was biting and clawing at them. Eventually, the husband was able to retrieve his firearm and shoot the bear dead.

Both the husband and wife sustained wounds in the scuffle, however they were treated and released. Their kids were upstairs asleep throughout the whole ordeal.

The sheriff’s office said the bear was an adult female, who had one cub with her, so that could explain the motivation for the attack, however it’s unclear at the time.

Yikes… head on a swivel, people.

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