Randall King Releases Live Acoustic Version Of His Quirky Honky Tonker “Roger, Miller Lite And Me”

Paying tribute to the late, great Roger Miller.

Randall King released his major-label debut album, Shot Glassback in March. It’s a killer album with honky tonk heaters, heartbreakers, and a little bit of everything in between.

But one of the fan-favorite tracks so far has been the quirky “Roger, Miller Lite and Me.”

If you haven’t heard this one (you should have had the whole album on repeat by now), it’s got some great wordplay featuring some of Roger Miller’s greatest hits as it tells the story of a man drowning his sorrows – just himself, Roger Miller, and Miller Lite:

“Now this trailer’s for sale or rent
With my honey gone and the money gone
I’m chug-a-luggin’, gettin’ lit
Spinnin’ .45s, tippin’ 24s, steady as the pendulum swings
It’s Roger, Miller Lite, and me”

Written by Randall along with Brandon Kinney, it’s just a honky-tonkin’ beer drinkin’ song that can’t help but put a smile on your face. And as Randall put it:

“How country can you get? You’re talkin’ old school country and also beer? Let’s go, that’s your drinkin’ song…

This is my kinda country right here.”

It also has the distinction of being the first song Randall ever played on the Grand Ole Opry stage after he opened with it during his debut performance a couple months ago.

And today, Randall released a live acoustic version of the song, recorded at the Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville.

That’s a damn country song right there.

And of course here’s the studio version:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock