Brave Wolf Decides It’s A Good Idea To Take A Bite Out Of A Grizzly’s A** At Yellowstone National Park

A person might wonder why on God’s green Earth would a lone wolf ever attempt to go at an adult grizzly bear?

This wolf thought he would give it a try, though.

The video starts with a lone wolf walking up on the backside of a grizzly bear and the bear really seems to not care it is there until it takes a bite out of its ass.

The grizz takes notice and turns towards the wolf, still fairly nonchalant about the whole ordeal considering a wolf just bit him.

So then… the wolf takes notice and goes back in for another taste.

The grizzly knows its so big and strong that this singular wolf truly is no big deal. However, if a wolf decided to bite me I think I would try to teach it a lesson…

The wolf stares down the grizzly. The grizzly looks the other way and just seems annoyed by the situation.

Most patient bear in the world…


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