Bull Moose Dances Around Trying To Get Velvet Off His Antlers In Glacier National Park

A moose standing in water

A bull moose like that dancing around with velvet shaking around from its antlers… if you didn’t realize they grew their antlers with a coat of velvet first, you would be confused.

Velvet on antlers is used as a protective layer that helps grow the antlers in the early stages. When the antlers get full grown Moose start to shed it off. A lot of the time they actually end up annoyed with it and are rubbing on trees and bushes to get it all off them.

I mean, how could you blame them for wanting it off? It literally starts to rot and smells terrible and its is just dangling from their head slapping them in the face.

This is a great video showcasing an absolutely beautiful bull moose that has just had enough of the velvet.

The video starts with this magnificent creature shaking his head back and forth standing in the middle of a river.

The large strips of velvet slap him in the face as he shakes his head. Increasingly mad, the bull starts to spin in a circle while shaking his head. Still, with none coming off it adds a hop into the spin and spins jumps and shakes trying to get it off.

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime thing to witness, especially in a wide-open area like this. This is what it’s all about, being deeply impressed by an animal as amazing as a moose just doing what it does. It’s easy to appreciate these creatures.

It continues to dance and shake around attempting to get the annoying stuff off of him.

After it doesn’t work he takes off in a jog of frustration right up the river…

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