Tom Brady Shares Simple Way He Deals With Critics: “F*ck You Guys, F*ck You, TV”

Tom Brady with the mouth open

Tom Brady has never really given a damn what the media/critics have to say about him, as he’s probably received just about every comment imaginable over his 21 year NFL career.

Of course, when you hold nearly every NFL passing record imaginable, and seven Super Bowl rings to back it up, would you really give a damn either?

In a recent video for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the 44-year-old future Hall of Fame QB shared how he copes with outside noise, which, well… pretty much consists of a bunch of middle fingers.

He said in the video:

“I just look at the TV and I go like this… Fuck you guys, fuck you, TV.

You block out the noise, because none of it matters.”

As he flaunts the two middle fingers.

Tom Brady… legendary quarterback, big “fuck you” guy.

Of course, the man will have to block out the haters again for one more season, as he came out of his 40 day retirement for one last ride.

And on top of that, he’ll be joining the FOX Sports team as an analyst following his farewell season, for a mind boggling 10-year, $375 million contract.

Whether you love the guy or hate the guy, it’ll be interesting to see if the man can wrack up an eighth Super Bowl ring to wrap up his storied NFL career.

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