Wolf Goes In For Wolverine Kill, Quickly Regrets Its Decision

Wolverines are just out of this world.

You know that old saying, “it’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, it’s about the size of the fight in the dog”?

That couldn’t be showcased any better than right here.

Wolverines are vicious creatures. A big one stands about a foot and a half and can be upwards of 65-pounds. Sure that is a good sized animal but compared to an adult wolf, that ain’t nothing.

However, this wolverine showcases exactly why they are so amazing. Known for their strength, fearlessness and violence, this specimen here is no different.

The video starts with a wolf going up to a hole in the ground. As soon as it sticks its nose in to see what’s in there a wolverine jumps on its face… full force.

Get ready to rumble…

Even though the wolf has twice the size of the wolverine, it is more than capable of handling its own in the fight, and at moments even seeming to have the upper hand.

And while wolverines may be some of the most vicious brawlers in the animal kingdom, they’re pretty difficult to spot in the wild. I’ve worked in the woods in wolverine country and was fortunate to see just one. Most people who have worked for years in forestry never see a single wolverine.

They are elusive, vicious, and just friggin’ cool.

Easily the top pound-for-pound animal in the wild.

The pair continue to grapple with the wolverine strategically going for the wolf’s neck. After about a half-minute the wolf rolls off him and thinks the wolverine had enough so it tries again. Well, that couldn’t be farther from the truth the wolverine jumps right back into fight.

The wolverine might end up having wolf for dinner at the end here.

The wrestle a bit more and the wolf realizes it has bitten off far more then it could ever chew. They have a few-second staredown and the wolf high tails it out of there as the wolverine sinks back into its den.

Wolverines are as badass as it comes.

Takes on a wolf and it won in the split decision.

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