Hunter Puts Down Charging Moose With No Time To Spare In Heart-Stopping Video

That’ll stop your heart for a quick second.

A viral video shows Swedish hunter Mats Isaksson hunting moose out in the Jämtland providence, when it quickly takes a turn for the worse.

As the big bull approaches, Mats fires one round, sending the moose into a panic, and then another at closer distance, sending the moose into a full blown charge.

Charging at full speed, Mats is able to get off one more shot to put it down with not a second to spare.

It’s pretty intense, almost to intense to believe which is why Mats is glad he got it on camera.

According to SvenskJakt:

“It was lucky that it was recorded on film. If it had not been documented, no one would have believed me afterwards, but now it became a decent action film.

I must also praise the photographer, considering how exciting it was, the picture is very stable all the time.”

With about 500 pound of meat when it was all said and done, Mats said that final shot was only a few feet away:

“There was some energy in motion when he came charging. The third and final shot was fired at about 1.5 meters away and there was a cross stop. Had it not stopped there, the bull would have run straight over me, so it was lucky that it went well after all.

It shows once again that hunting is hunting, you can never take anything for granted. When hunting, anything can happen.”

The look on his face says it all… that’s one lucky SOB.

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