Home Security Camera Captures Coyote’s Attempt To Attack A Toddler In Backyard

Coyotes really aren’t known for their attacks on humans.

However, with increasing urban expansion there are certain areas where they are adapting well and figuring out how to thrive in cities. Obviously, if they are going to start living closer to humans there is going to be an increase in encounters.

However, this one 100-percent could have been avoided. There is no question about that.

This video starts with a coyote running around a corner of a house and a woman following and looking at the dog. The coyote walks around a bit then leaves behind the house.

Moments later a kid comes running into the view. He heads right to the backyard and you can see the coyote coming closer.

The woman comes over and talks to their parents, and can assume she’s saying something like, “hey, I just saw a coyote run back there, you might wanna get your kids.”

Too late…

As soon as she rounds the corner the coyote takes off in attack mode. It gets one good nip in on the little girl as her parents notice and freak out. The coyote immediately takes off.

Talk about your heart going in your throat. I actually thought I might be watching a little girl get mauled when I first saw this… I’m very thankful that wasn’t the case.

In the end, everything seems fine which is all we can ask for.

But, remember this… animals of prey love easy targets. The smaller the better. Be safe out in your yards.

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