Someone Shot The Johnny Cash Water Tower In Kingsland, Arkansas, And Now It’s Taking A Leak

Johnny Cash Country music
Richard Ledbetter

Ok, well that’s just hilarious.

Kingsland, Arkansas, is a tiny little town in Cleveland County, that’s not known for anything really… except being the birthplace of Johnny Cash.

And in honor of the Man In Black, Kingsland’s water tower features a silhouette of Johnny holding a guitar.

However, according to the Arkansas Democrat Gazettesomebody recently put a bullet in right in Johnny’s crotch and now the water tower is leaking conveniently from a place that makes it look like Johnny is taking a leak.

Not gonna lie, it’s pretty hilarious to me…

However, Kingsland City Council Member Sharon Crosby didn’t find it so funny:

“Kingsland received a $300,000 grant that we used to entirely refurbish the interior and exterior of the city water receptacle.

After realizing what had happened Tuesday morning, our water department director contacted state and local authorities regarding the vandalism.

At this point we are waiting to hear more from the investigation, but Cleveland County has a very good sheriff’s department. Sheriff Jack Rogers and investigator Gary Young are working hard to find the responsible person.”

And it apparently isn’t the first time it’s happened:

“This happened before in 1993 when someone shot a hole in the tank. He was charged with a class 3 felony and fined $11,000.”

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