Morgan Wallen Searches For The Strongest Shot He Can Find On New Studio Version Of The Fan-Favorite “You Proof”

Morgan Wallen is back for the third time in the last month or so with another brand new song.

Out today (on his 29th birthday), Morgan released a studio version of the fan-favorite unreleased tune, “You Proof.”

He actually teased it back in July of 2021, and like most of the songs he shares demo clips of on social media, fans were immediately begging to get the studio cut ASAP.

The song itself is based on a pretty simple concept, where Morgan’s admittedly been trying to drink his heartbreak away with the highest proof of alcohol he can find, yet seemingly can’t drink anything that’s strong enough to rid him of the memory of this girl.

No matter what he takes a shot of, getting drunk only makes her harder to forget:

“Well I’ve been throwing down the whiskey
I oughta get my money back
Someone said it drowns a memory
Ah but it ain’t doing Jack
Yeah I’ve been sippin’, I’ve been buzzing
Shooting doubles like it’s nothing
Aw but nothing makes it go away”

The song is a stark contrast in terms of sentiment and production from his fantastic previous releases over the last several weeks in “Don’t Think Jesus” and “Thought You Should Know,” but he’s giving the fans what they asked for after they begged (on TikTok mostly) for him to drop an official, full-length version.

It’s hard to believe that Morgan put out a record-breaking double album in Dangerous just last year and is already back to releasing quite a bit of new stuff, but we’ll see if he has anything else up his sleeve for the rest of 2022 in terms of more new music.

And though “You Proof” is definitely not the best track of the the three new ones he’s dropped recently, I think it will do really well on radio, and like most things he touches these days, will be another massive hit:

This one’s still my favorite, though.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock