Kolby Cooper Brings His Daughter Josie On Stage At Billy Bob’s To Sing “If I Still Had It”

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It’s no secret that Kolby Cooper has made quite the name for himself in a very short amount of time.

Last year, he made a huge jump in his career by signing with major label BBR Music Group, dropped his first big time label EP Boy From Anderson County, and recently released his latest single “Breaking News.”

Pretty impressive, considering the guy is only 22-years-old, and dropped his first song nearly five years ago.

However, the most impressive part might be the fact that he’s done all of this, while being married and a father of two daughters, nearly immediately out of high school.

It’s easy to see the love the guy has for his family, as he posts a lot about them on social media, and has written a number of songs about them.

I mean c’mon, his song “Josie’s Song,” which is about his daughter, will make you wanna drop everything and start a family.

Kolby also brought his daughter Josie on stage recently at one of his concerts at Billy Bob’s, to sing his hit song “If I Still Had It.”

She sings her heart out, as the crowd goes wild.

Watch out, the talent looks like it runs through the family.

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