Is Hardy Gearing Up To Release A Full-Blown Rock Record?

Hardy country music

Hardy might be ready to throw as a big ‘ol curveball sometime soon…

And I think he might be gearing up to release a full-blown rock record.

He did a little Q&A on his Instagram stories the other day, where a fan asked him if the new record would have songs that sound similar to “Sold Out,” to which he responded with a simple:


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He covered Puddle of Mudd’s “Blurry” last year, and his most recent single, the aforementioned “Sold Out,” was released under Big Loud’s new rock label. Hardy is currently signed to Big Loud, is a friend and frequent co-writer of Morgan Wallen, and has penned quite a few other hits you might know like Blake Shelton’s “God’s Country,” for example.

He most recently dropped his collaborative record Hixtape, Vol. 2 last year, in addition to Hixtape, Vol. 1 in 2019 and his official debut album, A Rock, in 2020, and honestly, I’d love to see him really go all-in on a real deal rock album one day.

He’s always been open about how that genre has influenced his music, as well, and I think he’d be up for the task. He is a fantastic songwriter, and if his muse and inspiration is in the rock genre right now, I have no doubt that he’d absolutely crush it.

Only time will tell, but if he is planning to go full-rock, I’m HERE for it…

“Sold Out”


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