Virginia Tech Fan Flashes The Field Sparking A 9th Inning Comeback Victory For The Hokies

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When you think of the wildest, most batshit stories at college sporting events, nine times outta 10 it always happens at football games.

Ya know, all of the college students have been drinking since the ass crack of dawn, visited just about every frat house possible, and by the time that evening kickoff comes around, everybody is so incoherent they wake up the next morning with zero recollection of the game.

However, when it comes to college baseball, the atmosphere is typically a bit more tame…

Unless you go to Virginia Tech, apparently.

The VT Hokies were playing a game against their in-state rivals last night, the Liberty Flames.

Both teams are having great seasons, as the Hokies are 34-10 and the Flames are 30-17, but the game last night was more of a pitcher’s duel with a final score of 2-1 in the Hokies’ favor.

It seemed like a bit of a snoozer until the cameraman got a shot of the crowd after a commercial break in the 9th inning, and caught something on camera he didn’t even realize…

A girl flashing the crowd.

What’s going on here? Did she lose a bet? Was she that desperate for a baseball player’s attention? Was she blackout drunk? Was she trying to start a 9th-inning comeback rally?

Anyways, it appears the whole thing went relatively unnoticed.

Except for maybe the Hokies players who came back in the 9th in walk off fashion.

College man, wild times.

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A beer bottle on a dock