UFC Legend Chuck Liddell Recalls Getting Into A Bar Fight With Group Of Navy SEALS: “Bounced His Face On The Ground, He Went Out”

Chuck Liddell, MMA and UFC legend, is one bad MF’er.

The former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion is not the kinda guy you wanna be on the bad side of, because if you got into a bar fight with him, there’s a damn good chance you might go to sleep and wake up in the afterlife.

He recently made an appearance on Steve-O’s (Ya know, the Jackass legend) Wild Ride! Podcast, to discuss some wild stories from his early years.

Before he was a professional fighter, he was a bartender at a bar that employed a lot of fighters. Yeah, he might’ve taken a few souls back in the day if they were starting funny business at the bar.

However, he recalled a wild story of him and his fellow fighters/bar employees brawling with a group of Navy SEALS’ in San Luis Obispo, where he trained back in the day and throughout most of his career.

Story goes, these NAVY SEALS showed up to the bar they were at causing trouble, and once a fight broke out Liddell’s buddy Gan McGee, who is a 6’10” heavyweight fighter wound up with a pretty gnarly cut on his face. Liddell wasn’t even there.

So the SEALS left, but returned to the bar two weeks later, and this time, Chuck Liddell was around when Gan and company wanted payback.

That’s when Liddell took matters into his own hands:

“When I showed up, one of my buddies had a guy pinned. The only thing I did was I ran over and this guy’s hitting my buddy and the guy who started hitting my buddy had him pinned so I ran over and just head snapped the guy and bounced his face off the ground.”

When Steve-O said that he would’ve expected Chuck to put him to sleep, and not beat his face in, Chuck explained why he doesn’t grapple in fights like that anymore.

He said:

“Once it goes to throwing punches, I don’t do that. I did that one time in college, and got kicked in the face while I was doing it. Like never again.

So once there’s a lot of people throwing punches, I try to keep my hands free, head snap ’em that’s quick.”

Although, Chuck was quick to say there’s no bad blood between him and the SEALS.

“No, it’s a barfight… shit happens”

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